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About Me

What is Eric Cabbell, Jr.?


        Hi, this is Eric. I am a mixed media illustrator based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Currently I work mainly on traditional surrealism, but involve style elements of graphic designs, animations/comics, impressionism, and contemporary fine arts from 20th century to now. I have been influenced by heavily mainstream culture: anime, cartoons, game videos, music videos, high fashion, movies, and tattoos. Although influenced by a lot of things, I strive to have unique, bold and fresh style that most people can't do. My style is best known for strong color theory and storytelling. I am heavily obsessed with color through minimalism of black and white to maximalism of bold and bright hues.

        I am been drawing for most of my life (about the age of three), but I took art seriously in late 2017. I didn't go to a formal art school. I learn my skills from internet, art events, and experimenting. 

        Since 2023, I am open to art markets, projects, and commission work. If you think I am great for any task, please let me know. 

Current Medium: Markers (Paint, Watercolor, Alcohol), Color Pencils, Pens (Ink and Gel), Watercolor Paint, Washi Tape,  Digital (Procreate, Gimp) 

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